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What is Harry Physical Therapy & Wellness ?

Harry PTW is physical therapy at home. It is a locally-owned, private business, and therefore you can expect exceptional customer service.

Do I need to get a doctor’s order (Rx) before I come see you?

Absolutely not. In the state of Florida you need only to give us a call. Your therapist will reach out to your doctor after your first visit, if needed, to communicate about any concerns, goals, and/or your PT plan of care.

Do I need to be "homebound" to receive your therapy?

No. Some people think that to qualify for therapy at home you must be home-bound (meaning it is very taxing or difficult to leave the home). This is true for home-health agencies that bill Medicare A. However, Harry PTW bills Medicare B and Medicare B does not require homebound status. This means that working or leaving the home will not disqualify you from our services. Think of Harry PTW as a PT clinic that makes house-calls; it is a service based on convenience and not need.

Isn’t it better if I go to a “real” clinic?

No, that is a personal preference. Harry PTW brings all the equipment that is needed for your rehabilitation to your home, making it just as effective as a brick-and-mortar clinic. We bring massage tables, weights, Swiss balls, portable bikes, balance beam, the list goes on. And, unlike a brick-and-mortar clinic you do not have to share your time with your therapist with anyone else! No interruptions, and no unnecessary exposure to sickness and germs.

Where does Harry PTW go?

Harry PTW comes to your home to perform your physical therapy, turning any home into a personal clinic. Dr. Harry also make visits to your workplace if this more convenient to you. If you have access to a gym, we can seek permission from the gym manager to perform visits there.

Will Harry PTW come to my house?

If you live in the Orlando area, then chances are you are in our service area. Click here to see the zip codes serviced. Harry PTW reserves the right to deny service if the home is deemed unsafe for the therapist.

Do you take insurance?

Yes. We are in network with Medicare B and are able to bill claims for auto-accidents. We believe firmly in listening to our patients’ and are wiling to get into network with other insurances if we begin to see that need. Up till now, we have had success for our out-of-network patients pay us cash, and then seek reimbursement from their insurance companies. We will provide that documentation for you. Click here to learn more about reimbursement.

Will I have a co-pay?

This depends on your insurance, and we can check that for you. If you have Medicare B you will have a co-pay of $20 that is, except in rare cases, covered by your secondary insurance if you have it.

What services does Harry PTW offer?

Harry PTW provides physical therapy for orthopedic conditions such as chronic pain, pre or post-surgery therapy, aftercare for joint replacements and more. For geriatric patients Dr. Harry provides balance and fall prevention, pain and condition management, strength and endurance training. Harry PTW also provides neurological rehabilitation for people with Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, dementia, stroke survivors, and more. There is almost no condition Dr. Harry cannot treat. To see a complete list of the services we provide click here.

Why are home visits a good idea?

  • They reduce exposure to illness and disease.

  • Treatment sessions are not missed due to scheduling issues, so there is improved compliance with the exercise program.

  • Improved compliance with therapy has shown patients get better results.

  • At home your therapist and you will tackle "real" environment problems of the home, not simulated situations in a clinic.

  • We can identify risks to strain or injury in your home office or work.

  •  Home visits eliminate the risk of traveling, especially after surgery when you are on prescribed pain medications.

  • We bring equipment to your home, so there is less likelihood of injury.

  • You may be fearful or anxious about leaving your home for reasons you wish not to explain.

  • Unlike a clinical setting, there are fewer distractions in your home --no telephones ringing, no staff or patients interrupting your therapy. You prefer the privacy of your home rather than performing exercises in a more public setting.

  • You don't have to coordinate with caregivers to take you to an outpatient clinic.

  • People with low vision find it much easier to navigate within their own home.

  • You may not have access to reliable or affordable transportation.

  • Coordinating the care of your children or dependent while you attend therapy can be time-consuming and expensive.

  • One-on-one sessions with a skilled physical therapist occur at home so you don't share time with other clients.

  • Your home is familiar to you, and being treated there is easier for those who get confused in new situations. 

  • You may work from home, and your time is precious to you. Having a therapist come to you cuts down on time getting to and from a clinic.

  • Performing your exercises at home is better for your compliance with your homework. We can show you the best way and the best place to perform your exercises in the home. 

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