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Are you or your loved one missing out on activities and events you enjoy because of discomfort or fear of falling?

Have you, or someone you love, been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and are worried about changes in movement, walking, balance, speaking, handwriting, or swallowing?

Did you or someone you love experience a stroke, or other neurological insult and need help with speech or physical therapy at home?

Are you a caregiver and want to leave your loved one in kind and trusted hands for therapy because you cannot be at every appointment?

Have you felt that customer service and individualized attention was lacking in other corporate physical therapy settings?

Are you experiencing falls, fear of falling, losses of balance?

Do you suffer from physical pain? Do you have pain or tingling in your shoulder, hips, knees, feet, neck, back, arms, or legs?

Do you wish your physical therapist would come to you because you are tired of the time it takes to travel to your PT appointments, park, and wait to be seen?

Or, do you just want your therapist to come to you because you have transportation challenges, don’t drive, or your caregiver is working?

Harry Physical Therapy & Wellness provides what you need. Servicing the Orange and Seminole County in Orlando, we can help you with chronic pain, balance (fall prevention), movement disorders (Parkinson’s, MS), speech, memory, swallowing, and improved quality of life.

We differ from home-health companies because we bill your outpatient benefits, and still come to your home. This means you get get direct one-on-one care, longer visits, in the comfort of your home. As a local, therapist-owned company our customer service is unmatched. We are passionate about seeing you or your loved one get achievable results and the compassionate care everyone deserves.

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The exercises you suggested have greatly increased my mobility and reduced my pain. I’m so happy I reached out to you for help.

The time I have spent Dr. Harry has been life-changing. I was able to walk me through to an understanding and acceptance of what the core problems in my life have been.

You brought me back from a very painful place when I thought it might of been the end. Your hours of dedication made it possible for me to be healthy and whole again . . . thank you again.

[He] did an exceptional job with helping me work through moderate to severe back pains. He made sure I had the necessary tools needed to relieve the pain and strengthen my back

Comprehensive, personalized physical therapy in the comfort of your home. What could be better?